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Green Lantern Box Set Of Firguines and Comic DC Direct


Classic Green Lantern Corps members Hal Jordan, Tomar Re and Jordan's predecessor, Abin Sur, appear here in action figure form, along with a battle-damaged Manhunter.  Packaged in a 4-color window box, this box set comes with an exclusive 64-page comic book of some of the greatest Green Lantern stories of all time, including "SOS Green Lantern" from SHOWCASE #22, "Earth's First Green Lantern" from GREEN LANTERN #16, "Corps" from GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN #4, "Flight Delay" from GREEN LANTERN #3 and "Green Lantern Corps" from the pin-up book, GREEN LANTERN GALLERY! BRAND NEW IN THE BOX, might have micro wear on the box externally due to display places.